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JARRAH HONEY | by Gum Tree Apiary

Jarrah Honey

A very low glucose level makes our Jarrah honey an ideal substitute for sugar and it’s high fructose level means that it is very slow to crystalise. As a table honey, the rich amber colour and caramel consistency deliver a unique full bodied syrupy flavour.

During the process of honeymaking, an enzyme called glucose oxidase is added by the bees to the nectar gathered from flowers. When honey comes into contact with moisture in the body, this enzyme releases the natural hydrogen peroxide at sufficient levels that will kill certain bacteria, without harming the body tissue.

The Total Activity Rating of Active Honey denotes the strength of the antibacterial potency of the honey, measured by the standard (phenol) bacteria-killing scale, as developed by Dr. Nolan at the Waikato Honey Research Unit, located at the University of Waikato.

Why The Gum Tree Apiary Jarrah Honey is good for you

The Gum Tree Apiary Active Jarrah Honey activity rating is denoted by a symbol with a number showing its antibacterial strength.

Tests carried out at an independent laboratory in Tasmania using internationally accepted testing criteria have confirmed the total activity rating of our Jarrah Honey to be of the highest international standards.

Research conducted in Germany has confirmed that it is also one of the purest mono-floral honeys available.


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