Gum Tree Apiary offers Gourmet Honey from the heart of the Western Australia Gourmet Honey from Western Australia
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Our New Range of 250g Jars

Now in-store and Online.

We are delighted to announce that our new range of 250g glass jars is now available in-store and online. Featuring delicately crafted Italian glass, with clear labelling, enjoy the full view of our delicious honey...


It seems we've hit the spot on taste - some comments from recent converts to our range of delicious, gourmet honey:

"It's like eating liquid fudge" - York Gum

"Mmmm - raisins" - Red Gum

"Treacle, yes!" - Jarrah

"Oohhh, I'm in seventh heaven - where can I get more?" - York Gum

"I don't like eucalyptus honey, but that is so smooth" - Red Gum

"I must have this on my porridge" - Jarrah
Look out for our new range in your local delicatessen

Now available for purchase in the UK!

We're delighted to inform you that the Gum Tree Apiary's range of gourmet honey is now available at Fortnum and Mason in London, visit their outlet in Piccadilly, as well as Kent - Macknade Fine Food in Faversham to purchase your jar of our delicious Jarrah and York Gum Honeys brought to you from the heart of the Western Australian bushland